Voltaic Systems 1022 Array Solar Laptop Charger Backpack

Voltaic Systems 1022 Array Solar Backpack review

Voltaic Systems 1022 Array Solar Laptop Charger Backpack is a eco-friendly pricey gear which excels in its quality. The pack is meant for charging laptops, tablets, mobile phones, digital camera, mp3 player and other portable devices on the go.  This review gives all the info on the product.

RATING : 4.0 / 5
PRICE : $ 389

Product Specifications

It has a  dimension of 2 x 11 x 13.5 inches and weighs 6 pounds.

The bag comes in two colours:

  • Charcoal
  • Silver


The rugged pack comes with a lot of compartment, including a padded laptop section. The front part of the bag contains the compact set of solar panels, which can be zipped off (removed) and can be attached to another bag using the provided straps and clips or can be carried separately.

Well arranged compartments for battery, connector pins and the AC power cord to charge the battery for a AC source.

Voltaic Systems 1022 Array Solar Laptop Charger Backpack


The backpack has an integrated phone pouch on the over-shoulder straps. It also has waist straps. The phone connector pouch has well covered wiring  along the straps. Two side pouches come handy with the bag.

Technical aspect

It has a compact battery with an excellent charge capacity of 16000 mAh , 60 Whr power which can provide power to most of the laptops, smartphones and digital camera in the market.

The battery comes with two output ports: one is high voltage port for charging laptops and other being USB port for phones, tablets. The battery can be charged by external AC power source as well as by the power from the solar panel.

It has a wide range of connectors. The connectors are shown in the picture to the right.

Solar panel

Voltaic Systems 1022 Array Solar Laptop Charger Backpack

The backpack has a total of three solar panels with a rating of 3.4 Watt, 6V, which would provide a total of 10 W power.

Voltaic Systems claim that the solar panel when exposed to 1 hour direct sunlight can provide a laptop with a extra run-time of 30 minutes, one and a half hour of direct solar light can charge a cellphone completely. The Voltaic logo in the front lights up red when the solar panel is exposed to the sun.


  • Sturdy, stylish lightweight and yet tough- perfect construction.
  • Extremely large battery capacity.
  • Multiple pockets to provide a wide storage.
  • Can charge multiple devices at a time.
  • Simple quick instruction manual is provided in the “Voltaic Systems” website.
  • Comes with 2 year warranty on bag/case and panels and 1 year warranty on battery.


  • The backpack is pricey.

Voltaic Systems 1022 Array Solar Laptop Charger Backpack


I liked every aspect of the backpack except the price. The styling and the comfort of the voltaic backpack is very modern. Voltaic systems are in the solar industry for more than a decade, could be the reason for the backpack to be costly. I would say if you feel it’s not worth the price you can go with my suggestion below.

SUGGESTION: If you already own a suitable bag for your daily activity, I would recommend clubbing it with a solar panel would be the best choice. You can checkout my recommended solar panel costing around $75.

BUY HERE : Voltaic Systems 1022 Array Solar Laptop Charger Backpack – Charcoal

NOTE: Be sure to read the compatibility manual from voltaicsystems.com