The vintage look-alike solar lantern-Nebo 5959 Eco Lantern review

Nebo 5959 Eco Lantern is a 4 way rechargeable lantern which looks very similar to conventional lantern. The lantern holds on well during camping, fishing, hunting, boating, road trips, RVing, power outages, at home use, or any emergency situation.

RATING : 4.5 / 5

PRICE : $ 44.95

Product Specifications

Portable lantern with 24 Nos of energy efficient white LEDs. It can be charged by four methods such as Solar, manual winding up, AC power supply and DC 12V car charger.

It uses a 6V 2.5AH regulated rechargeable battery. The lamp has a LED indicator light which turns to green from red when fully charged. It has a handle to carry it to any place and a hook to hang it in place of work.


  • The body of the lantern is sturdy and designed to contain the LEDs in safe position.
  • 24 Nos. of LEDs are sufficient to illuminate the place well.
  • Four modes of charging is an advantage.
  • Winding up to charge the lantern is a good option to charge during the low sunlight days.
  • For periods of quick charging requirement, the AC option and charging it during travel using the car DC charging option makes the product valuable.
  • The 6V 2.5AH valve regulated rechargeable battery is an apt feature to safeguard the lantern from voltage fluctuations especially during AC mode of charging.


  • Winding up would be the preferred option if it is made smooth and frictionless.
  • The top cover has the solar cell and metal contacts which need to be protected from environmental effects and scratches.


High rating for the product in Amazon is a seal of trust, worth the shot.

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