Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel

The new Goal Zero Nomad 7M v2 solar charger review

The new Goal Zero Nomad 7 charger has undergone a bit of revamp when compared to the original Nomad 7. The kit now has a fresh new look with lesser device-compatibility issues and is smaller in size than it’s predecessor.

Nomad 7M v2, Model no:11800 is the newest model of Nomad 7. The production of the older model Nomad 7m 12301 was discontinued by Goal Zero.

RATING : 4.4/ 5

PRICE : $60.51

In the box

A Goal Zero Nomad 7M Solar Panel, 12V cigarette adapter, manual, warranty.

Product Specifications

The Nomad 7 occupies an area of 9 x 7 x 2 cubic inches, which is equal to the size of a long-sized notebook and it weighs 0.8 lbs (0.36 kg) same as the version 1 Nomad.

Solar panel

The panels are monocrystalline-which are the most efficient type of panels in the market. The panels of original Nomad 7 had an energy conversion efficiency of 17-18%. There is no update on the efficiency for the newer panel, hence I suppose it remains the same. The kit contains 2 solar panels along with a casing cover.

Charging Features

The charger has 3 ports-USB port, 12v charging port, a solar port. You can use the charger with any of the listed portable devices- Cell phone, Smart phone, GPS, MP3 player, GUIDE 10 PLUS battery pack, ROCK OUT speaker, BOLT flashlight, BLAZE headlamp.

The charger is claimed to charge smartphones in around 1 to 2 hours and it does charge the device in around 2 hours provided it’s exposed to direct sunlight and is free from any king of shade.

The following is the list of devices and the time the charger takes to charge them completely

  • GUIDE 10 plus battery pack in  3-6 hours.
  • Cell phone, MP3 player in 1-3 hours.

External casing

The casing which covers the panel has a meshed pouch on the outside to hold the portable devices while charging it contrary to Nomad v1, which had pouch on the inside of the casing. The wiring are concealed within the charger. The multiple nylon loops in the kit is very useful during backpacking.


Product has a warranty duration of 12 months for the parts.


  • Looks insanely good(similar to Guide plus solar chargers).
  • Weather proof build, water resistant.
  • Powerful solar panel. Charges the devices in a very short time.
  • Good energy conversion efficiency.
  • Multiple Nomad 7 panels can coupled together for higher wattage.(Original Nomad 7 didn’t have this feature)


  • The nomad 7 panel will require a Goal Zero Guide 10 battery pack to charge your iPhone.