The battle of the mini chargers-Best handy portable charger

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Today we are going to put the top 5 small-sized portable chargers or lipstick sized chargers to the test and find out which one of them is the best. The 5 battery chargers competing are

I’ve got 7 different status symbols to be offered to these chargers. These chargers will be judged based on the portability, design and features.


It’s hard to point out that one particular device has both the fancy shape and feather-like weight. A charger which is weightless doesn’t necessarily have it’s body toned to occupy less volume of space. So I have divided the portability award into 2 separate awards- “Mr. Weightless” for the least heavy charger and the “Mr. Slim fit” for the charger occupying the smallest volume.

1. Mr.WeightlessAward-01

The Mr. Weightless award is given to the charger with the least weight. According to which, RAVPower Luster mini weighing 2.57 ounces wins the award. All the weights of the chargers presented in the table are from the figures located in their respective manufacturer websites and from the Amazon website.

Winner : RAVPower Luster mini (2.57 ounces)

2. Mr.Slim fit

The charger which has the smallest volume gets the Mr.Slim fit award, Poweradd ultra slim 2600mAh has the smallest volume among all the mini chargers, occupying just 2.11 cubic inches.

The Poweradd charger actually has an attachable flashlight. I have considered the volume of the charger volumeaward2 alone leaving aside the “charger+flashlight” size, reason being our main intent in this analysis is about the charger and not the added features.

Oh boy! Calculation of the volume of the chargers was so tricky. Anker and RAVPower chargers are cylindrical, fine. Jackery mini is cuboidal, fair enough. Poweradd slim charger is hexagonal in shape, oh no! and finally Lepow moonstone is in a shape I can’t figure out!! It’s of no particular shape, I can’t use any formula, I just have to guess it.

We can do a Archimedes by dropping the Lepow moonstone into the water and calculating the volume of water which overflows, but I don’t want to spoil the Lepow moonstone, as I mentioned in the Lepow review, chargers are not water-proof.

Winner: Poweradd ultra slim 2600mAh (2.11 cubic inches)


I would attribute great design for stunning looks and fun shape and different colors. The one with the these will be awarded the Mr.Good looking award.

3. Mr.Good lookingaward3

From my statement in the Mr.Slim fit award, you should be able to guess that Lepow moonstone would be the winner. The charger comes in 4 different colors. In addition to the Lepow moonstone charger’s awesome shape, it is packed with a convenient charger pouch. It shows that the manufacturer is thoughtful and puts in the addition time for customer satisfaction.

Leave alone my personal opinion, Lepow was awarded the 2012 Red Dot design award for it’s U-stone 10,00mAh charger.

Winner: Lepow moonstone 3000mAh charger


The features are as important for a charger as a string is to the bow. It’s time to put the real strength of the chargers to the test.

4. Mr.Efficientaward4

The charger with the least energy loss will be the most efficient charger. Assuming that a charger which stores 3000mAh of energy has an efficiency of 60%, it would be much more like a 3000*0.6 = 1800 mAh charger. It will only be possible for the charger to effectively provide 1800mAh of energy.

Hence more the efficiency, better is the charger. It is the 2nd most important point in the top 10 ways to choose the battery bank of your dreams. Lepow moonstone is by far the most efficient charger in the market with a ridiculous 90% efficiency.

All the lipstick chargers have only 1 output port which allows them to charge only one devices at a time. But Lepow does have 2 output ports, one with 1.2A and another with 0.5A. This is a feature very unique to Lepow. I got to give the Mr. Efficient award to Lepow.

Winner: Lepow moonstone 6000mAh charger (90% efficiency and 2 output ports)

5. Mr.Quickestaward5

It would be frustrating if the battery bank takes a long time to charge completely, only to charge the devices after hours of waiting. Mr.Quickest is for the charger which has the least charging time from “null to full”(I loved typing it out). Anker mini and Lepow moonstone take around 3-4 hours to completely charge. We’ll call it a tie.

Winner: Anker mini lipstick charger, Lepow moonstone charger  (3 to 4 hours of charging time) 

6. Mr Dependableaward7

This is an award we would give for the charger with the longest warranty/guaranteed period. Jackery mini and Anker mini have the longest warranty period of 18 months.

Winner: Jackery mini, Anker mini chargers (for 18 months warranty)

7. Mr. Multi-functionalAward6

Mr.multi-functional is the award which goes to chargers that go beyond the call of duty. RAVPower Luster lipstick charger and Poweradd apollo charger have an added flashlight functionality and they deserve the award.

Winner: RAVPower Luster lipstick charger, Poweradd apollo charger (for flashlight)


As we come to the end of the article, I would like to say that the portable chargers are different in their own way.winner

If you are going to buy one in the near future, I would recommend Lepow moonstone charger since it works perfectly with iPhone, Samsung and all other commonly used devices and also because it is umm….. awesome. It has the highest Amazon rating(4.7/5) for small-sized chargers, I am safe by recommending it anyway.

Final Winner: Lepow moonstone 3000mAh charger

Hope we helped you in the hunt for the perfect battery bank.

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