Suntactics sCharger-14 Premium Performance, Dual Port, Solar Charger

Suntactics sCharger-14 solar charger review

The sCharger-14 by Suntactics is one of a kind portable charger which can charge tablet devices that need high power. It’s capable of charging two USB devices at the same time and at the same speed of an electrical point which is pretty much impressive for a solar charger.

RATING: 4.6/ 5

PRICE: $ 239.95

In the box

The sCharger-14, 14 watt solar charger / Carry Case / User Manual / 5-Year Warranty / 45 Day Return Policy


The solar charger is compatible with

  • Apple iPhone (3, 4, and 5), all iPad models (including Mini and Air), iPod Touch.
  • Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets, HTC / Droid, Blackberry, Nooks and Kindles, GoPro.
  • Canon, Nikon, GPS devices, USB storage batteries (Anker), AA/AAA USB battery chargers, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS and basically any USB device.

For charging Samsung and Nexus Tablets you would need charge adaptor.

Product Specifications

The scharger-14 is made up of durable fluoro polymer which is water resistant and it weighs 1.4 lbs only. It has the structure of an plain book, which is very much convenient when carrying around.


It does not use cloth or glue. High quality components have been used to make the sCharger strong, sturdy and long lasting. This charger uses very high efficiency Grade-A monocrystalline solar cells generally used in industrial grade solar systems.

The Scharger-14 has auto-retry technology which automatically enables the solar charging after the interruption by the clouds. Many other devices need to be manually switched on after being interrupted by the clouds.

Workmanship is superior as well as the cell alignment.  It uses a composite structure  and it is designed to last longer.


Designed to be safe with separate dual port circuitry,  it avoids overheating triggered by feedback. If you need a faster charger with an alternative energy source, then Suntactics scharger-14 could be the choice, as it can fully charge a phone in 2 hours, a tablet in 3 hours.

The direct charging under sun without any intervening battery improves its overall acceptance. Two separate USB circuits shared 2.8A/5V rating, allows you to charge 2 devices concurrently.


The charger has a 2 year warranty. It is made in USA.


  • It’s compact, has a sturdy constructions, high quality build.
  • Has advanced circuitry which helps in continuous and efficient capture of sunlight.
  • Charges the connected devices very quickly.
  • It’s water and weather resistant.
  • Can charge 2 devices at the same time.
  • Has a 2 year product warranty.


  • Battery to store the charge produced during the sunshine hours, needs to be purchased separately.