Spor daisy chaining

Spor solar battery charger-The power in your pocket

The Spor solar charger is making big waves in the Kickstarter website. The campaign has been 10 days in, it has amassed $40,000 out of the goal to reach $100,000. The campaign which runs from 27th May to 30th June will help in crowdfunding the Spor project. 

The Spor is a solar charger startup co-founded by two Drexel University,Philadelphia students Jason Browne and David Hunt with an aim to make energy more accessible and affordable for the global population.

David sure is excited about introducing the Spor charger to the world “I’m just trying to hustle and change the world!”

What is Spor?

The Spor is an easy to assemble solar charger with 3 different layer of solar  components put together to form a pocket friendly charger for USB devices.

The 82x82x24 mm sized little guy has an above average solar conversion efficiency of 20% (meaning 20% of all the sunrays reaching the charger will be converted to electrical energy). Today’s solar chargers have an efficiency ranging from 14-22% many settling in for 17% efficiency.

The charger has a pretty good battery size for it’s tiny size. It has a capacity of 5200 mAh which takes 2-3 hours to completely charge using USB charging. The charger in total has two USB out ports, one USB in port, and one micro USB in port. All are rated at 2A but will drop to 1A if both ports are in use.

The good, the great and the favorite

Enough of the compact size, great battery and USB port specifications. Let’s get into the 3 things which make Spor different from other chargers in the market.

Spor daisy chaining 1

The good: Daisy chaining

Firstly, the Spor charger can be coupled(daisy chained) with other Spor charger or any charger for that matter to capture and store much more charge. Frankly speaking, in today’s market only the solar chargers costing more than $100 has the ability to daisy chain.

Spor 3D printing

The great: Talk about product customisation

Secondly, the spor solar charger can be personalised using 3D printing. Wait what? yes, you can 3D print the outer shell of the Spor in whatever color or material. Given that today’s 3D printers aren’t that good, the Spor charger shell’s look fairly good.

Spor gooseneck cable

The favorite: Go Gooseneck, I choose you!!

Thirdy my favorite selling point, the Spor can be connected with flexible but sturdy USB cables called gooseneck cable, which can be bought separately. I’m sure you would have never seen a cable like this before, I haven’t. The gooseneck can be bent to grapple onto an object nearby like a creeper, while it holds the Spor charger when you ride your bike.

I’m sold, when can I get my hands on a Spor?

The spor charger will be available to the public by the end of 2014, after a series of testing & certifications which will happen through the year. The charger will retail for $50 and the goosenecks will retail for $12. The duo is expected to be sold at a discount during the full scale launch.

The Spor charger Kickstarter project has been completely funded and is now available for purchase through their official website. You can grab your Spor charger here: http://www.sporchargers.com/