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SolarGoPack solar powered backpack 12k mAh Battery

Have you hated those times when your cellphone battery or you laptop battery runs out of charge. I had been in those situations for many number times.

A solar backpack would help in recharging the battery, by tapping the energy from the sun. SolarGoPack solar powered backpack with 12k mAh Battery is a good choice for campers, hikers, bikers and people who are into sports.

SolarGoPack is a good looking and a durable bag which is meant for the rugged travels. The backpack is 27 liter water resistant bag. It is best suited for any person who would travel a lot in the day.

Product Specifications

RATING: 4.8 / 5

PRICE: $ 128.99

The bag has a dimension of 14 x 6.2 x 17 inches  and weighs 2.8 pounds.

The bag comes in two different colours:

  • Blue-black
  • Complete black colour.

The back part of the bag consists of padded strap for  the comfort of the shoulders. The sternum straps are provided for the grip of the bag around the waist, for those long journeys.The bag includes a solar panel which is attached to the front of the bag. The solar panel has a rating of 5W  and can be removed.

SolarGoPack solar powered backpack

The interior of the bag consists of multiple compartments for books, pen. I love the interiors more than the exteriors.

The 12000 mAh  lithium-ion battery is one of the features which places this bag ahead of the competition. The huge battery capacity can charge multiple devices at a time, may it be your out of charge phone and tablet or laptop and rechargeable lamp.


  • The battery which is 12000 mAh is super powerful , which is guaranteed to charge any of your portable devices completely when the battery of solar panel is fully charged. Even the best smartphones available today have only a battery capacity of 3000mAh.
  • The backpack comes with multi-pin  option which would get you started with no trouble.
  • The bag can charge multiple devices simultaneously without any hazzle.
  • The solar panel also can charge the battery with the indoor lights.
  • SolarGoPack is made and guaranteed by VisionBay in Atlanta, Ga.


  • The company claims that the bag is great for school kids, but the kids would feel the bag to be a bit bulky.
  • The solar panel can get scratches if not handled properly.
  • The strap stitching may not be meet the expectation, there is a need for restitching the ends.


If you are a gadget addict, who loves to carry your own power everywhere and can handle the bag with care, then look no further. This backpack is meant for you.

SUGGESTION: If you already own a suitable bag for your daily activity, I would recommend clubbing it with a solar panel would be the best choice. You can checkout my recommended solar panel costing around $75.

BUY HERE: SolarGoPack solar powered backpack, charges mobile devices, 12k mAh Battery, Black & Blue – “Stay Charged my Friends”