Solar Portable Battery Pack with Flashlight and Lantern by XTG Technology review

Solar Portable Battery Pack  by XTG Technology is a cheap and medium quality emergency pack best suited for campers, hikers and travelers. The pack comes with a powerful flashlight and lantern. It can charge cell phones, mp3 and tablet on the go upto 50%.

Product Specifications

RATING : 3.5 / 5

PRICE : $ 29.99

It comes in only orange colour.

The front part of the solar pack contains a solar panel. The pack consists of a liftable hook at the top for hanging it in the tents, windshields and backpacks. The bottom part of the pack consists of  a flashlight. The right side of the pack has two ports on being USB port and the other is micro USB port. An external battery and a charger is included which can charge via solar power or by USB port (USB cable included).

It has a built-in Lithium Ion battery with a charge capacity of 1800 mAh.  The USB output is DC 5 V± 5% and 500 mAh maximum meaning the output would be between 4.75 – 5.25 V and the maximum charge storage capacity is 500 mAh


The flashlight comes with 5 modes:

  1. First click – Beam.
  2. Second click – SOS beam.
  3. Third click – 10 LED Lantern bright.
  4. Fourth click – 10 LED lantern dim.
  5. Fifth click – Off.

The flashlight can last up to 24 hours in the 1 LED beam setting, 8 hr in the  bright setting and 12 to 16 hr in the dim setting.
solar battery pack XTG technology
The product comes with 1 year warranty.


  • Very cheap and portable.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Efficient flashlight which can last for a very long time when charged.
  • Lifesaver when the mobile is out of charge.


  • The solar pack can charge your mobile phone by 20-40% of  the phone battery life.
  • The pack is meant for emergency purpose only.
  • No colour options, comes only in orange colour.

NOTE : Use USB charging to charge the internal battery fully before a trip.


If you’re running low on a budget and have a hiking trip round the corner, this is a fair buy for those unexpected emergency situations.

BUY HERE:  Solar Portable Battery Pack with Flashlight and Lantern – Ideal for Charging iPhone, iPod, MP3, Droid, Smartphones, and Other USB Powered Devices – Unit Great for Camping, Hiking, and Other Outdoor Activites