Solar energy pros cons

Life sustaining sun is an infinite source of energy when compared with the average life-span of human. The hydrogen fusion reaction producing helium being exothermic in nature, produces heat and light energy hence supporting the living on earth. The solar energy have very many advantages over disadvantages.


The solar rays striking the earth are under utilized. The solar rays are available through out the world through out the year. Unlike the fossil fuels which can be extinguished, solar energy can’t be extinguished, hence it is available for free of cost.

Solar energy is environmental friendly. It is one of the pure sources of energy. Using solar energy instead of fossil fuels reduces the carbon-emission levels and the green-house effect. In the process of capturing solar energy no by-product/waste is produced unlike nuclear energy, which produce harmful waste.

Every country’s economic security depends on the energy store held by it. Recent technological improvements have made it easier to tap solar energy. Cheaper and efficient methods to harvest solar energy would prove it to be the ultimate source of energy.

Solar device need less maintenance, since it does not involve any mechanical moving structures which wear-out in a couple of years. Solar panels generally come with 25 years manufacturer warranty.

Government incentives promoting green energy have made a solar revolution in many countries. Feed-in Tariff, Renewable Heat Incentive are few of the incentives based on solar energy.


Initial cost

The initial cost of setting up the solar systems prove to be one of the main factors for its unpopularity.  The cost can vary anything from 200$ to 4000$ depending on the wattage  and make of the system.

Solar rays are distributed over the earth’s surface. To produce electricity solar devices require good exposure to sunlight, hence requires big surface area. Present day solar panels are less efficient with maximum  efficiency of 20%.

The unavailability of the solar energy in the night poses a problem.The solar energy collected during the day should be stored using batteries, which can be used later This adds up for the cost of the batteries.

Setting up solar system have to follow the laws and regulations of the residing country, and requires certification/approval for installation of panel which can delay the time of set-up of the system.