solar attic fan reviews

Solar Attic Fan Reviews-Reasons for Controversy

Solar attic fans are motorized fans which are powered by solar energy. Attic is the portion just under the roof of the house. The attics of houses, raise in temperature during the summer and accumulate moisture during winter. In summer, these fans regulates the temperature in the attics of the houses by removing the excessive hot air. In winter the fans prevent the moisture to enter the attic.

We’ll look into the process of installation, benefits and decide whether the solar attic fan is suitable for your house.

Installation Process

The installation process is a very simple. If you are good at carpentry, then it’s quite easy, provided you don’t tamper the roof shafters. I would recommend you to use a solar installer. Unlike the electrically operated attic fans, solar fans contain lesser electrical wiring. Do purchase the thermostat controller as it helps for the working of the fan to control room temperature.


When the attic becomes hotter, the heat tends to flow to the living area, hence making the room hotter. If solar attic fans are installed, the fan would expel the heat from the attic through the roofing to prevent the raise in temperature in the living room. The photo voltaic panels use the solar energy to power the motor of the attic fan.

The attic fan prevents the build-up of  moisture in the attic which can lead to fungal, mould growth.When fungus/mould grows in the moisture of the attic, the wooden roofing gets damaged leading to reduced roof life. Solar attic fan has thermostat, which works to maintain a fixed temperature in the living space by expelling hot air. The fans operate quitely without any disturbing noise.

Is solar attic fan suitable for me? Confusion and Controversy

In case of any mishap such as fire accidents, the solar fans by default tend to aggravate the situation by spreading the combustible gases through the room. To our help the thermostat stops the fan when the temperature exceeds a limit, hence thermostat is an important utility worth buying.

" Does your house have a completely covered roofing (without any cracks). If it's not the case, leakage of the air would make the fan useless"


  • Decreases the temperature by 10*C (approx).
  • Increases the roof life.
  • Saves you the cost of maintenance of the  temperature by air conditioner.
  • With companies offering 25 year warranty, attic fan is a lifetime investment.
  • Saves 30% of cooling expenses.
  • 30% rebates is a win-win deal.
  • Installation takes less than an hour.
  • Three different mounting types: roof, curb or gable.
  • The fans work quitely.
  • You would be able to recover the cost of the solar attic fan in between 6-12 months(dependent on the location of the residence)


  • The effect of cooling by solar attic fan may not meet upto to the expectations of cooling by air conditioner.

Final Verdict

The solar attic fan is worth buying if factors above are in your favour. The fan’s purpose is to cool the room space, which it does very efficiently. The price (200$-1000$) shouldn’t affect the intention to buy it since you can recover the investment cost in less than a year. The fan indirectly saves a good sum of money, by being an alternative to air conditioning appliances which consume lot of power.

You can question me, saying that there are a few negative articles floating around about solar attic fans, the factors provided above are the main factors for such type of reviews, the number of  “5 star rated” positive reviews in amazon is point to think about. The links to the  best solar attic fans are provided below.

Best rated solar attic fans

 1. Solar Attic Fan 20-watt with 25-year warranty– by Natural Light

BUY HERE: Solar Attic Fan 20-watt with 25-year warranty

RATING: 4.8 / 5

  • Industry Leading 25-year limited warranty on entire unit
  • Highest quality materials in any Solar Attic Fan on the market
  • Optional snap-on thermostat for use in colder climates
  • No wiring required
  • All necessary installation hardware included


2. Solar Attic Fan with 25-year Warranty- by Natural Light

READ REVIEW: Solar attic fan by natural light

BUY HERE: Solar Attic Fan with 25-year Warranty!

RATING: 4.5 / 5

  • No wiring necessary
  • 25-year warranty on solar panel
  • 25-year warranty on attic fan housing
  • 25-year warranty on solar attic fan motor
  • Adjustable 10-watt Solar panel – Assembled and Ready to install


3. Solar Attic Fan 30-watt – Black – with 25-year Warranty – Florida Rated– by Natural Light

BUY HERE:  Solar Attic Fan 30-watt – Black – with 25-year Warranty – Florida Rated

RATING: 4.5 / 5

  • 25-year Warranty from Manufacturer on motor, housing and solar panel included.
  • Qualifies for Federal Tax Credits (Up to 30% credit).
  • Works like it is advertised to do.
  • Quiet, powerful and pays for itself.


Do you think solar attics are a real deal for that price, what’s your opinion? Drop your comments below :)