Solar Attic Fan 20-watt with 25-year warranty by Natural Light review

The solar attic fans by Natural Light are durable, noise-free and are efficient in circulation of the air. The 20 watt solar attic fan by natural light is supplied in a pack of solar panel, housing and motor each provided with a warranty of 25 years. 

The solar fan can ventilate the attic space and reduce the attic temperature during summer and remove the moisture in the winter.The indirect benefit of solar attic fans is reducing the cooling load on air conditioning appliances and saving the usage cost.

RATING : 4.6/5

PRICE : $ 356

Product Specifications

Item Weight : 29 pounds
Product Dimensions: 27.2 x 27.2 x 11 inches.
The solar panel is of
16.5” x 19.75” dimension.
Colors: powder-Coated Gray, powder-Coated Black Satin (availability is subject to the vendor)

The attic fan kit is a simple easy to do kit. It does not require any wiring or any kind of solar expertise. just find the best place in the attic roof to install, fix the solar fan tight and your work is done.

Fan components

The fan blades are made up of aircraft grade aluminum which is powder coated which is pretty much what I recommend, since it can withstand physical impact due to storm or any weather condition.

The 5 blades in the fan lead to lesser work done by each blade which reduces the noise from the fan as a whole. More the number of blades, more quiet is the fan.

The attic fan holds a high impact photovoltaic panel, which can be adjusted for the maximum exposure from sunlight.

The housing which holds the solar panel is made of commercial pure grade aluminum with no seams which prevents leakage during rain.

The motor present in the rotor fan is DC operated and is precision balanced to achieve low motor noise & vibration. The kit contains protective animal screen which is a stainless steel wire mesh which keeps out debris, bugs, birds from entering the setup/attic.


This 20w fans can remove hot air from attic space of 1800 square feet. The maximum venting capacity of the exhaust fan is up to 1275 cfms (2000 sf). With a 20 watt module the solar attic fan increases the rate of flow of air to 1200 CFM(cubic feet per minute). It is supplied in three models to fit all roof types and the solar panel is adjustable.


The fans can be fitted on the following different textured roofs and places-

  • Flat Roof.
  • Sloped Roof.
  • Asphalt, Tile, Clay.
  • Wood Shake.
  • Sheds
  • Barns
  • Workshops
  • Detached Garages
  • Lofts


  • High quality materials, sturdy.
  • No wiring is needed, required installation hardware are included.
  • The detailed instruction manual is available on the website
  • Doesn’t require any prior solar knowledge to install.
  • The 5 blade fan helps in noise-free functioning.
  • Has 25 year warranty.
  • The solar fan is eligible for solar tax credit.(eligible only when the system is installed by a solar installer)


  • As it works on solar power, stops in the evening when sun sets.


A simple installation kit. If your 1800 square feet attic needs a silent cooling fan, with the high grade components and a 25 year warranty, this is the best option to go for.

BUY at AMAZON: Solar Attic Fan 20-watt with 25-year warranty
BUY Thermostat: Solar Attic Fan – Thermostat ( for Natural Light Brand Fans Only)

The complete setup of the fan:
How to apply for solar tax credit: