Solar attic fan 10w with 25-year warranty by natural light review

Solar attic fan by natural light is an assembled and ready for installation, offered with a warranty of 25 years on the solar panel, solar attic fan and the fan housing. The 10w exhaust fans are made in USA.

RATING: 4.5 / 5

PRICE: $ 285.49

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 27.2 x 27.2 x 11.5 inches
Colors: powder-Coated Gray, powder-Coated Black Satin (availability is subject to the vendor)


The 5-Wing Fan Blade is made of non-corrosive  aircraft grade aluminum, is precision balanced and is noise- free. The blades can withstand physical impact due to adverse weather condition.

The attic fan holds a high impact photovoltaic panel, which can be adjusted for the maximum exposure from sunlight. The adjustable solar panel over an angle of 0-45 Deg. and its detachable nature will meet the requirement of variety of installation needs.

The setup contains a protective animal screen-stainless steel wire mesh to keep out the debris, bugs, birds and small critters.

The housing which holds the solar panel is made of commercial pure grade aluminum with no seams which prevents leakage during rain.

The motor present in the rotor fan is DC operated and is precision balanced to achieve low motor noise & vibration.


It is said to move upto 850 cubic feet per minute and one attic fan would be required for 1200 square feet of attic space. Based on the attic space, the number of fans required can be decided. The optional solar attic fan thermostat will be a valuable add-on in areas with cold winter temperatures.

The number of these fans required can be calculated from the Manufacturer’s site:


  • As the system is supplied in a pre-assembled form no special wiring skill is needed.
  • The 25 year warranty on solar panel, attic fan and its housing is irresistible. We can be assured of its replacement in case of failure if at all there is any.
  • Direct utilization of solar electricity by the DC motor is a boon.
  • The sturdiness of the unit hints to withstand heavy winds.
  • Easy 1 Hour Installation
  • Qualifies for Solar Tax Credits.


  • Heaviness of the unit making its shifting to the roof top especially during installation laborious.
  • The unit can not be used on flat roofs or side wall mounting.
  • Cleaning of the solar panel requires extra work to reach the roof top or to direct a stream of water on it.

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