Poweradd™ Ultra Slim 2600mAh with Flashlight Portable Charger External Battery Pack

Review-Poweradd Ultra Slim 2600mAh portable charger

Poweradd Ultra Slim 2600mAh is a small power pack that can be carried anywhere without feeling its weight. With a compact design, stylish look and lipstick size, it has an impressive utility. Its power and portability add value to the product. On the downside, the product lacks in quality management. I’ll get to that at the end of the article.

RATING : 3.7/5

PRICE : $13.99

In the Box

The package contains the 2600mAh Poweradd portable charger, micro USB cable, USB flashlight, connecting tips other than the Apple adapters, user manual.


Compatible with Apple and Android smartphones and many 5V USB chargeable devices-
Apple: iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, iPod (Apple Adapters Not Included),
Samsung: Galaxy S5 S4, S3, S2, Note 2, Note 3,
HTC One, Most Android Smart Phones and More Other USB-Charged Devices.


Size: 3.93 x 0.91 x 0.91 inches
Weight: 4.73 ounces
Colors : White, purple


The Poweradd 2600mAh is a cost effective and compact charger with good charging speed. The hexagonal shaped charger has a power button on one face. On the top end it has a USB port(5V/1A), micro-USB port and an LED charge indicator.

The Poweradd charger has only 1 output port meaning that you can’t charge more than one device at a time unlike the best mini charger award winner, which has 2 output ports.

The Poweradd charger is built with Samsung original Grade A cell and premium microchips to ensure the high quality. Samsung grade A cells have become the norm for quality nowadays. All the good quality battery bank I reviewed like the Jackery bar 5600mAh  have Samsung grade A cell and microchips.

How to use the charger?

The input port in the charger is used to charge the battery bank. The USB output port is to charge the electronic gadgets.

In order to charge the battery bank, you would need to connect the one-ended connector(the spirally thing) with the provided micro-USB and connect the USB part to you computer and the other end(micro-USB) to the charger.

If you want to charge a device with the charger, you should connect the spiral connecting wire’s USB end to the USB output port in the charger. The other end needs to be compatible connector for the device you intend to charge.

NOTE: If you own an iPhone or for that matter any apple device, the charger doesn’t come with a lightning connector to charge the device. If you have already have a lightning connector, it should work fine with this charger. If you want to have a shorter lighting cable, you would need to purchase the lightning cable separately.

The power button is used to enable charging. It needs to be pressed for 2 sec or so to enable charging.


The ultra slim charger has a 2600mAh Lithium ion battery. A completely charged charger can provide a minimum talk time of extra 9 hours to the smartphone. The battery should be able to withstand more than 500 cycles of charge and discharge. From what I see, 500 cycles seem to be common lifetime for all the battery chargers.

A completely charged pack should provide around one complete charge for an iPhoneThe charger battery is protected against overcharge, over voltage, over discharge, short circuit.

Poweradd™ Ultra Slim 2600mAh with flashlight

What I like about the charger-the flashlight

The attachable flashlight is a cool functionality. The USB pin on the back side of the flashlight fits into the USB port of the charger. When it’s connected to the charger it looks like a normal flashlight. It is pretty powerful, it has a good area of coverage.

Battery charging time

As an Amazon user indicated, the charger will take 5 hours to completely charge.


This Poweradd product has a 12 months warranty.

Technical support and customer service

The Poweradd customer support is available all through the year.


  • Small, sleek and good looking charger.
  • Reasonably good power storage for the size of the charger.
  • On/Off button to avoid power wastage.
  • Flashlight is an added advantage.


  • It has lot of issues with charging iPhone 5 devices.
  • Product quality is not consistent, you have the possibility of buying a product with a defect and may not charge at all.
  • Heating of the components of the charger during charging cycle.


The product does have accountable number of flaws, hence I wouldn’t recommend the product and put my neck on the line. There are many other chargers which have the same portability factor and hit the nail on the head  like the Anker lipstick charger or the Jackery mini charger for few extra dollars. Both of these battery banks nail the deal.

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