poweradd 14w solar charger

Review-Poweradd high efficiency 14W solar charger

The Poweradd high efficiency 14W solar charger has a good portability, but it’s not so good when it comes to technical specifications.It’s useful for charging the USB gadgets when away from the grid lines- it can charge devices during camping, hiking, backpacking and other outdoor activities.

RATING: 3.8/ 5

PRICE: $ 59.99

In the box

The product package contains one unit of Poweradd™ 14W solar panel, a hook, user manual (Micro USB cable not included). You don’t get a micro-USB cable with the product?? that is like selling a water bottle without the covering lid.

Product specifications

Solar panel power : 14 watts
Panel efficiency: 22%
USB output: voltage regulated stable output, 5V, maximum current 2A.
Size: 11.81” x 6.29” x0.78”
Weight: 13.4 ounces


It has a sturdy canvas cover housing the solar panels, It has 2 USB output ports. The eyeholes on the canvas cover help to attach the solar panel to any support such as backpack or any equipment or for hanging it on wall for sun exposure. Unfolded size is 18.50” x 11.81” x 0.15” whereas the folded size is 11.97” x 6.29” x 0.39”.

Solar panels

The solar panels are polycrystalline, lightweight and well designed. It can charge the gadgets requiring a DC 5V, 2A output. Compared to the conventional solar panels which have 4 solar panels delivering a total wattage of 14W this 14W solar charger has only 2 panels. Hence it has a superior portability.

The rain-resistant cover protects the panel and the charging devices from rain, moisture.

poweradd 14w dual port solar charger review

Power rating

It is rated to deliver a maximum power of 14 Watts with stabilized voltage and current (2A max). But the current output 2A doesn’t match up with the power rating of 14W/5V= 2.8A. Taking into account the typical deviation in the current for a any solar charger, this charger should provide a minimum current of 2.1A equating to 10.5W. So the charger doesn’t perform very well when you consider the power rating.

Caution: Ensure to prevent the USB devices from overheating. As the canvas pocket does not have ventilation, the charging device kept in the pocket during charging will get heated. Overheating could affect the charging of the device which stops immediately. As the carry case has provision for storing other accessories, it should not be overloaded in order to avoid damage to the solar panels.


  • High efficiency of 22%, quick charging, regulated power supply, has good portability.
  • Eye holes on the canvas casing enables attaching the panel to backpack or any other luggage to keep it fully exposed to sun.
  • Compatibility of the USB for charging wide range of gadgets.
  • Panel’s pocket help to keep the charging devices protected from direct sunlight,
  • 12 months warranty, professional technical help and anytime customer service.


  • You don’t get a micro-USB cable with the product.
  • The Amazon ratings are on the lower side.
  • Can not charge the devices during cloudy period due to absence of battery support.
  • As it directly connects to the device for charging, exposing a device with partial power to the Sun during overcast period may drain the device battery.
  • For maximum output to the device expose the panels to bright sunlight. The pocket of the canvas is not ventilated and hence during charging the devices kept in the pocket get heated up.