Lepow® Moonstone Series 3000mAh External

Review-Lepow Moonstone Series 3000mAh External Battery pack

The Lepow moonstone charger is tiny, has a smooth textured surface and is powerful. I would have liked it better if it was named as “skimming stone” rather than “moonstone” since it looks like the flat skimming stone. Oh no, now you don’t throw it into a pond it’s not weather proof just like any other charger in the price range.

The charger can be lifesaver during a day off to a vacation spot with your chargeless phone.

RATING: 4.7 / 5

PRICE: $ 18.99 

In the box

The package contains a Lepow® Moonstone External Battery, Micro USB Cable, Travel Pouch, Instruction Manual. The wall charger is not included with the product, the Lepow charger can be charged using the provided micro-USB cable.

But one point to note is that wall adapters charge faster than the micro-USB cable. If you want to charge using an adapter you need to buy it separately.


The Lepow charger works with all major cell phone models- Samsung/ HTC/ LG/ Motorola/ Nokia/ Google.
iPhone 5, 4S, 4, iPods
Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3
Google Nexus.

Product Specifications

Size: 3.2 inches, 3.2 inches, 0.5 inches
Weight: 4 ounces
Colors: sunfire yellow, Rose red, glossy black, Apple green


The Lepow moonstone charger has the size of a palm, it’s smooth and has rounded edges. On the front face of the charger is the Lepow logo. On one of the 0.5 inch edges it has 2 USB output ports sandwiching a micro-USB input port. The output ports are rated at 1.2 A and 0.5 A.

On the back face there is a power button to switch-on the charger for charging the device and 4 LED charge indicator lights. Each LED indicates that the battery of the charger is 1/4th full. Oh did I tell you the Lepow comes with a awesome little pouch? it is a premium case. The manufacturer has put in a lot of thought into the product and packaging.

Lepow® Moonstone Series 3000mAh External battery pack

Lithium polymer battery

The one and only manufacturer which produces lithium polymer(LiPo) batteries is Lepow. The lithium polymer batteries have far better energy efficiency than normal lithium ion(Li-ion) batteries. The lithium polymer battery has an energy efficiency of 90%, whereas lithium ion battery has an efficiency of  ranging from 60-80%. Now lets do a small quick math here.

Normal battery packs which are listed at 3000 mAh will provide 60-80% of 3000mAh, which is 1800 mAh-2400 mAh energy. Whereas Lepow charger will provide 90% of 3000mAh which is 2700mAh energy.

The difference may not seem much, but each time you charge the device you miss out on 20% charge. So after charging the both the inefficient Li-ion charger and LiPo Lepow charger 5 times, you would have saved one complete charge with Lepow i.e., charging 4 times Li-ion chargers=5 times LiPo Lepow charger.

Which means that this moonstone charger is better than the best-selling mini charger Anker mini battery pack made of Li-ion battery. irony?

OK, I’m done with the math you can open your eyes if you’re partially closing it.

Lepow® Moonstone Series 3000mAh External Battery pack

Battery charging time

The Lepow charger will recharge in 3.5 hours when used with the USB cable. The battery after a single charge can store charge for 375 hours, which is close to 15 days.

Device charging time

A fully charged moonstone can charge

  • an iPhone 5 – 1.5 times
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 ~ 1 time,
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ~ 0.8 times.

The charger can provide a minimum talk time of 15 hours. The inbuilt circuit inside the Moonstone power bank protects itself and the device being charged from short-circuiting or overcharging.


Lepow provide a 12-month worry-free warranty (exclusive to products sold by Lepow)


  • Lightweight, portable and awesome specifications.
  • The lithium polymer battery has a very high energy efficiency of 90%.
  • It’s cheaper than the best-selling mini charger, Li-ion Anker mini battery pack.
  • Can charger 2 devices at a time.
  • Lepow provides a 12-month worry-free warranty.


  •  In general 3000mAh is useful only for a day of charging, not more than that.


Elegant, powerful, rightly priced charger which deserves more attention than any other small-sized charger in the market. Lepow 3000mAh battery is the winner of our “best mini charger award”

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