Review-Lepow Moonstone 6000mAh External Battery

The Lepow 6000mAh battery pack has been manufactured with customers in mind. In fact the manufacturer pops in a small gift for every purchase, I’ll get to that in a minute. But all these things comes for a big price.

RATING: 4.6/5

PRICE: $29.99

In the box

The package contains a Lepow Moonstone 6000mAh external battery, micro USB cable, instruction manual and travel pouch. The wall charger should be bought separately, if you are planning to power the battery pack directly and bit faster from a wall socket. Until you have a free laptop USB port to connect the micro-USB cable to, you don’t need the wall charger.


It works well with almost all cell phones and tablets such as iPhones 5 and 4 series, iPad mini, ipods, Samsung Galaxy S series, Note 2, 3, HTC one and Droid. Apple adapters – 30 pin and lightening are not included.

Product Specification

The Lepow weighs 9.6 ounces and has the dimension of 3.2 x3.2 x0.8 cubic inches
Colors: Apple-green, Glossy-black, Ivory-white, Rose-red, Sunfire-yellow

The Lepow 6000mAh battery pack is plump compared to Lepow 3000mAh battery pack with 0.3 inches of extra thickness. The charger comes well packed in a biodegradable gray woolen pouch with an elastic band to fasten the charger to the pouch. Lepow adds few fancy items to your purchase like these things in the image below, though I have no idea how you’re gonna use some of these.

lepow 6000mAh Battery Pack review


Lepow Moonstone 6000mAh battery has both function and finer looks. The Lepow has a touch of glossy lacquered paint on it’s surface, which gives it a smooth shiny looks. There are 2 USB output ports, one rated at 2.1 A for fast charging devices/ charging heavy devices (like iPad) and other at 1.2 A for normal charging.

Why would I ever need to slow charge my device when I have an option to fast charge it? The battery pack has  a certain threshold for discharging energy, crossing that line leads to over-discharge damaging the battery.

Hence when you charge multiple device at the same time, the output capacity is distributed among 2 ports, leading to reduction of output capacity when compared to using only one port at at time. You’ll be faced to use the slower port when the faster port is already being used.

The battery pack has 4 LED charge indicator lights to spot out the charge in the battery. Each light indicates that the charger is 25% close to full charge. The button beside it is switch to the light up the LED indicator.

lepow 6000mAh charger review


The portable battery pack is equipped with Lithium polymer battery and intelligent circuit design with between 85-90% energy conversion rate. Which essentially meaning that you can get a maximum of 5400mAh energy from the charger.

A full charged battery will provide you with a talk time of 30 hours and a standby time of 750 hours for your mobile phone.and can charge

  • iPhone 5 ~ 3 times
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 ~ 2.5 times
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ~ 1.5 times
  • New iPad ~ 0.4 times

Battery charging time

The charger needs 6-7 hours to completely recharge itself.

Device charging time

 The charger can recharge an iPhone 5S fully in around 1.5 hours, a Samsung S4 fully in around 2 hours.


The Lepow charger has 12 months worry-free warranty. The Lepow gives 24 hour customer support. But I had emailed them a week back informing them that I had posted a review for the Lepow 3000mAh and never got a reply. But hey, we can’t judge them, they may be interested only in answering product related queries from customers.

Also note that the product is shipped only within US region.


  • Fancy and great looks.
  • The pouch case is sturdy and portable.
  • High charge efficiency of around 85%.
  • Dual charging ports-with a 2.1A port for faster charging
  • Warranty period of 12 months.


  • Expensive charger. For $29.99 you can get a 1000mAh battery pack without any guilt.
  • Does not come with an Apple lightening cable, like any other charger in the market.


Watch the unboxing video review