Anker® 40W 5-Port Family-Sized Desktop USB Charger review

Review-Anker 40W 5-Port Family-Sized Desktop USB Charger

The Anker 40w 5-port USB charger is a savvy new way of charging multiple device at a time. This guy can charge upto 5 of your USB compatible devices at the same time. The 5 port USB charger is already making waves in the Amazon electronic-adapter product listing.

RATING: 4.8/ 5

PRICE: $ 25.99

In the box

Anker® 40W 5-Port wall charger, 150 cm detachable power cord, user manual.


The Anker 40w 5-port charger is compatible with all phones, tablets and all USB-charged devices. The Asus transformer is not compatible with this device.  For maximum compatibility with this charger use your device’s original cable or a third party certified cable.

Product Description

Dimensions: 3.6 x 2.3 x1.0 inch, which comes to be 3/4th the length, same breadth and twice the thickness of iPhone 5S.
Colors: White, black colors.

The charger is small, light weight and made of industrial-grade plastic with a unibody design. It has 5 USB ports and can charge any device with USB charging mode.

Works in a wide range of voltage, AC 100-240V and a current of about 8 Amps over the 5 ports. Every country’s wall socket voltage will fit in that voltage range, which helps you during your international travel.

What does the Anker 5-port USB charger do?

The Anker charger has power IQ technology which identifies each connected device and facilitates fast charging of the device. Each charging port is different from one another and hence allows charging of devices that require different power input.

Just plug-in the USB pin of your device to any one of the Anker 5 port USBs’ and the Anker would start charging your device. Presence of port-level circuit protection system shuts it down in case of overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating and short circuits.

 Anker® 40W 5-Port Family-Sized Desktop USB Charger review

How does it help me?

It is an all-in-one charger that you will prefer to carry with you in place of multiple adapters and outlets that are otherwise required for the range of products that you may own.

The variable output rating of the charging ports is much suitable for the multi-device people, it can power 5 tablets all at once and thus it provides a power hub for you and your family during your vacation. It can even charge your external battery packs like the Anker Astro E5Anker 14w solar charger or any brand USB chargers for that matter.


  • Small, sleek, has five charging ports capable of charging combination of devices or multiples of a single device.
  • Safety features for preventing voltage, current fluctuation, over heating and short circuits.
  • Good portability and charging at full speed(like a normal wall socket).
  • The pricing of the product is dirt cheap.
  • It has a 18 month warranty, which is pretty good for an adapter.


  • Warms up slightly during charging.


The one best multi-port adapter out there, highly recommended. It’s cheap, portable, works like a charm and has a 18 month warranty.

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