Opteka BP-SC4000 Ultra Thin Solar Powered High Capacity (4000mAh) Backup Battery

Opteka BP-SC4000 Ultra Thin Solar Powered Backup Battery and Charger review

Opteka BP SC4000 solar charger is an efficient low priced gear worth the money. The charger is thin and is pocket friendly. It is suited for day to day power consumption by smartphones.

RATING : 3.2 / 5

PRICE : $ 25.07

Product Specification

Dimensions: 4.5″ x 3.3″ x 0.5″ (114 x 84 x 14mm)
Weight: 6.5 oz (185g)
Voltage: Output DC 5V 1000mA, Max Solar charge: 250mA
Optimum temperature: 0°C-45°C


The charger has a size of the modern day 5 inch smartphone. It has a solar panel to the front. Just above the panel the solar charger has  a silver button and 4 LED charge indicator lights. To the top side there are two ports, a USB output port and a “micro USB” input port.

The charger features 10 different mobile-device connector tips, extension cable and USB extender.


The BP-SC4000 is compatible with most devices by Nokia, Samsung, LG, Palm, Blackberry, Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, Motorola, Sony, Bluetooth, GPS, various digital cameras, PSP, various eBooks, tablets, Nintendo DS, Kindle and other devices.


The charger comes with a fairly large capacity 4000mAh Lithium-polymer battery. The battery can be charged by both sunlight as well as through USB port of the computer .

Instruction Manual

The instruction manual provided along with the charger is barely of any use. The following details would give you an idea of the functioning of the charger LEDs.

  • The LEDs blinks from left to right LED when the battery is charging. The speed at which it blinks denotes the amount of light the solar panel is exposed to.
  • To know the amount of charge in the battery, press the silver button once, if the first LED from left lights up then the battery is 1/4 th charged, 2nd- 1/2 charged, 3rd-3/4 charged, none of the LEDs are lit then the battery is fully charged.
  • While charging using USB port of computer, if the LEDs do not blink then hold down the silver button for 3 seconds for the battery to start charging.


  • Cheap and compact charger.
  • Quickly charges the battery on exposure to sunlight.
  • High capacity battery 4000mAh.
  • Has one of a kind “auto shut-off” feature when charging is complete.
  • Intuitive LED charge indicators which show the rate of charging.


  • Poor instruction manual.
  • The charger is not weather proof.