Mpowerpad 2 solar charger review1

Mpowerpad 2 solar charger-a stylish powerhouse

The Mpowerpad 2 charger is a product of ThirdWavePower, a Singapore based solar charger manufacturer. The charger hit the Singapore local markets in the month of November, 2013.

It ‘s a solar charger versatile with the power and portability. It has three charging modes- solar, AC mains and USB port. It can charge iPhone and USB devices as quickly as that of AC mains charging.

It weighs about 500 g. The battery capacity ranges from 3300 mAh to 11600 mAh and it can be expanded.

Mpowerpad 2 does look very different from other chargers. The design is compact for storage, and mounting it on any surface is easy and well balanced. The outer shell of the charger is made of strong plastic and well sealed with silicone gasket and grommets. It is water and dust resistant. It has fixtures that can be attached to car mounts or bicycle.

Mpowerpad 2 solar charger review

Mpowerpad 2 contains polycrystalline solar cell with a rated peak power of 5.4 watts. It can charge iPods as well. It is a multi tasking machine that can charge smartphone upto 8 times and it has a pocket battery pack called mPowerpack that can be removed from the main unit of the charger and can be taken to any place for charging the gadgets.

The gear harnesses solar energy very quickly. One hour of sunlight exposure enables a smartphone charging. The power is also sufficient to charge USB devices.

It also has a built-in radio, light and insect repellant.

The charger delivers eco-friendly back-up power and can be charged by exposing it to sunlight at home by window side, Car dashboard, camp site etc. In emergency conditions, it can be used to provide power, radio, light and SOS signal.

The Mpowerpad 2 is currently available in stores of Singapore, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand and Europe (through a French supplier ). The product is sold to international customers through eBay. It’s yet to make it’s way into the warehouse.

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