Joos Solar Orange Portable Solar Charger

Joos Solar Orange Portable Solar Charger review

Joos orange is a solar portable charger designed to charge electronic devices such as cell phones, smart phones, SAT phones, iPhone, iPad, GPS devices and portable game devices. Joos charger charges devices quickly and the power stored in the battery lasts longer without any self-discharge.

RATING: 4.2/ 5

PRICE: $ 149

In the box

JOOS Orange solar charger, USB to USB micro-port charging cable, USB to connector tip charging cable, different connector tips, user manual.


The charger is compatible with  cell phone, smart phone, satellite phone, iPad, iPod, iPhone, MP4 Player, digital Camera, video Camera, GPS Unit, Portable Game Device, Kindle, USB Radio, DVD Player, LED Light, Night Vision Goggles, Low Wattage Fan, Low Wattage Heater, Small Medical Refrigerator, Water Purification System.

Product Specification

The charger weighs 24 oz and has a dimension of 8.6” x 5.8” x 0.8”.


The charger has appearance similar to an e-reader and has a rectangular shape. On the bottom it has a micro USB port. It has 2 adjustable legs on the back of the charger which can help you mount the charger to face the sun.


JOOS charger solar cell has a maximum power of 18W. An hour of exposure to the sun can add up to 2hrs of talk time for an iPhone in 3G mode. It has features such as battery charge protection and PV power indicator LEDs. If the battery is drained completely, the charger will continue to charge the device directly using the “Dead battery circuitry”.


The internal battery pack is rated at 5400mAh charge capacity and it can retain charge for years. The battery can be charged using the sunlight as well as through the USB charging by your laptop. The charging duration is 12 hours under direct sunshine or 8 hours through USB. 

There are 2 LED charge indicators-red and green which indicate the  charge remaining in the battery.

Environmental Conditions

The charger works virtually in any place which has sun exposure. It can work between an optimum temperature of -20*C (-4*F) and 60*C (140*F). If you live in places like Peru where humidity is as high as 100%, the charger can work with absolutely no problem. The charger is tolerant of 100% humidity. It can also be used in very high altitude places.

The charger does withstand bullet shots. It continues to charge devices after the shots.

Video of JOOS Orange Solar Charger Shot with a 22 cal. Rifle

myJOOS Application

When you plug in the JOOS Orange charger into your laptop using the USB cable, the myJOOS application installed in your system will be able to tell you the “total amount of energy produced”, the “battery health”, “the solar power currently being generated by the charger” and couple of more specs. The JOOS orange has an internal circuitry which works the application to display the above specs.

The application is suited for Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows XP, Windows Vista (32-bit) and MAC OSX Mountain Lion (10.8) and older versions.

Customer Support

The customer support is good and prompt. They have an informative website in place, which provides complete details about the product.


The manufacturer promises one year Limited Warranty on electronics and battery.


The charger can be coupled with “Power Boost Reflector Kit” which contains two mirrored reflectors that add more power depending on latitude and four screws to club them to the charger, and an user guide.


  • One of the most rugged charger I have ever reviewed.
  • Works in almost all weather conditions-overcast, in the shade, and light rain.
  • Has a sleek appearance and can easily be carried along.
  • Comes with multiple assortments of power adapter.
  • Has a dedicated application for monitoring the solar power captured.


  • The battery could have a larger capacity for the price.
  • The charger is slightly heavy.

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