Hybrid Solar Powered Flashlight with Emergency Battery Backup review

“Hybrid Light” released the “hybrid powered flashlight” in the year 2008. The flashlight even after years of it’s first make is a trusty old friend. The flashlight has a disadvantageous lesser bright LED though.

RATING : 4.2 / 5

PRICE : $ 25.99

Product Specifications

Item Weight: 1.5 pounds
Product Dimensions:14 x 7 x 2 inches
Color : Black

Hybrid solar light has a 2X bright 1Watt LED. It stores sunlight in a battery and also has a back up battery rated with a service life of seven years.

It is guaranteed for life and the full charge is stated to last for a period of 16 hours of run time. It is waterproof and it is fully charged when supplied. The light intensity does not vary with high temperature and it is durable.

A single charge is retained for about 3 years. It is supplied in a pack of two.


  • Long lasting power is useful for a flash light.
  • Charging under sun or in room light creates high scope for utilization of low power light and diffuse solar radiation also.
  • Water proofness promises its use in all weather conditions.
  • Rate of self-discharge of the battery in this case is very low.
  • Also the coefficient of variation of the light intensity with temperature is very low.
  • The 1 watt LED is the main reason for the very low power consumption and hence the longer period of service life.


  • One Watt power of the flash light is very low and hence intensity of light will be very less.
  • 11 year period of continuous use of the LED has to be proved only by its use. The utilization of the diffuse sunlight will be the same as that of a solar cell and hence limited.

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