How to solar power my house-infographic

Solar powering a home is thought to be a tedious work.The whole process can be child’s play if you know what to do after every step.  There are totally five simple stages in this “solar power your home” infographic guide. The infograph would provide you with the required steps involved in working it out.

how to solar power your house-infograph

  • My cousin will be building soon maybe I should send her here to get a few tips. You have great information here.


    • BRIAN

      Sure Yuwn, thanks for the comment.

  • Thanks for the great information. I grew up in a passive solar home which is easy to build and requires no panels, just a lot of windows with a southern orientation and some concrete under the tile floor. When I build, I am definitely going to make sure I utilize whatever technology is available.

    • BRIAN

      The passive solar home uses the heat and sun exposure to an optimum extent, which reduces the room temperature by about 3*C. The modern day solar power harnessing has seen a lot of improvements than it was 5 years back. Glad that you liked the post Wheatstraw.

  • Very useful content here! My brother is into solar power houses etc. I will let him know about your site.

  • I’ve always been interested in harnessing the power of the sun. Thanks for the great information!