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How to get free solar panels

The thought that solar panels are provided for free, may beam you up jump in joy, but firstly how is it possible? is a question to ponder upon. The increasing awareness on benefits of green energy over fossil fuels, had led the government in many countries of the world to reduce the carbon footprint by initiatives such as Feed-in Tariff.

The Feed-in Tariff is a scheme which earns an income for the production of green energy, whether you are using it up or not. This scheme when put to good use, would deliver the free panel providers with a very good amount of profit on a long run.

Use the energy at reduced cost

The service provider installs the panels for a contract of 20 years, on requirements mentioned in the next heading. The condition is that, the Feed-in Tariff amount produced by the panels would be given to the service provider. The contract would be able to reduce the cost of yearly electricity bill depending on the system installed. The savings would increase to better amounts as the price of the energy increases in the future.


Before any solar manufacturer zeros on to give out free solar panels, a representative would visit the house to be installed with the panel, would review on the few main things which would affect the company’s profit.

  • Orientation of the roof
  • Inclination of the roof
  • Shade-free roofing
  • Roof area

The orientation of the roof for the maximum input of solar rays depends on the geological position of residence. For perfect exposure, south facing roofs are suited. The tilt should be equal to the latitude, plus 15 degrees in winter, or minus 15 degrees in summer. The roof which is shaded loses the efficiency by a large extent. Factors for shading can be tree, adjacent buildings. The roofing area becomes a factor while choosing the wattage of the solar setup. The roof should should be exposed to sunlight between the timings 9 am to 3 pm.


The maintenance and the insurance of the panel is taken care by the service provider, so the maintenance part wouldn’t cost a dime. After 20 years contract, the cost of the panel would have reduced, buying the panel would not cost as much as it was new.


The Feed-in tariff scheme did not hit many countries yet. Any country which does not support the scheme would not have free panel service providers.


Some situations suggest that owning the solar panel for self would be a better option than leasing it.

NOTE: It’s better to research deeply on the service or agreement, since the agreement may include federal tax and financial benefits by the use of green energy, which may be few thousand dollars which you may lose upon (With a taxation of 30% and that the CEC currently reports an average system price of $6.19 a watt. Even if you subtract a 50 cents per Watt rebate, that’s $5.69 per Watt. At that price a 6 kW solar system would yield a federal tax credit of $10,242! ). When you own the panels, the benefits belongs to you.