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How StrongVolt SmartCharger Will Change The Way You Approach Solar Charger

After 4 years of research, a team consisting of San Diego State graduates have made a quantum leap in devising a solar charger which could continue charging your electronic devices even after being interrupted by the clouds.

The smart charger has been built with suntrack technology which essentially makes the charger to continue charging without the need to plug-out and plug-in to start it after being interrupted. The other chargers in the market need to be re-connected when the solar intensity is reduced low by a dense cloud moving over the head.


The production of the smart charger is crowdfunded by (from December 2013-January 2014), with the goal of  receiving a sum of $10,000 in total. However the goal was met in less than 24 hours, now growing to more than $40,000 due to high involvement by the backers.

smart charger prototype

The difference between the normal solar chargers and the smart charger is that smart-chargers

  • Can resume it’s operation after being interrupted by the clouds.
  • Will automatically output the right amount of power to your device by selecting the type of device to be charged using an integrated switch.
  • Has two LED lights-red,green which indicate whether the sun is clear of clouds, a unique feature which is not available in any other charger in the market.
  • Fixes the “charger not supported” problem, by the input of right amount of power.

The StrongVolt smartcharger will come in different wattage- 3w priced at $35, 5w at $45, 7w at $60, 10w priced $75, 12w priced $100, 18w priced at $140. The prices are cheap indeed compared to the chargers in the market.

I own a solar charger and I love it, but the smartcharger is compelling, any save the buck idea?

If you already own a solar charger and want to convert it to smartcharger, StrongVolt has a “standalone chip” priced at $25 which can be attached to your charger.

It is compatible with all models of  iPhones, iPads , Androids, GoPros, eReaders, GPS, USB PowerBanks and other devices depending on the wattage.