Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit with Inverter review

Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit with Inverter review

Goal zero Sherpa 50 kit is a charging kit which is supplied with a Nomad 13 solar panel, Sherpa powerpack, 110V bolt-on inverter and a wall charger. If you saw this kit in Amazon, probably you would have no idea about what the product contains or what it is about, since the product description is not clear. This review should help you.  

RATING: 4.3/ 5

PRICE: $321.50

What’s in it?

The charging kit is made up of 3 different components-A 13w solar panel called “Nomad 13”, a 110v inverter and  a power pack called Sherpa 50 power pack. The solar panel captures the sunlight to store the DC charge produced in the Sherpa power pack, the inverter connected to the battery converts the DC from the battery to AC to power USB and 12v devices such as

  • Smartphone (5-7 Watt-Hours) about 7 times.
  • Laptop (50 Watt-Hours) about 1 time.
  • Tablet (25-42 Watt-Hours) about 1-2 times.
  • Digital Camera (8 Watt-Hours) about 5 times.
  • Headlamp (4 Watt-Hours) about 12 times.

Product Specifications for the kit

Dimensions: 4.5 x 1.5 x 5 in (11.4 x 3.8 x 12.7 cm)
Optimal Operating Temp: 32-104 F (0-40 C)

Nomad 13 Solar Panel

Weight: 1.6 lbs.

In the box:
Nomad 13 Solar Panel, 12V Adapter.

The solar panel is monocrystalline and can be combined with multiple panels to produce higher wattage. Nomad panel can directly charge almost all USB and 12v devices. Whereas when the charge generated from the panel is stored in the Sherpa power pack and later when it is used to charge devices it can conveniently power all USB devices. The panel has a 12 month manufacturer warranty.

Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit with Inverter review1

Sherpa 50 power pack

Capacity: 50Wh, 5200mAh
Weight: 1.2 lbs (544 g)

In the box:
Sherpa 50 Power Pack, AC Wall Charger, 12V Adapter, Sherpa Laptop Tips.

The powerpack has an input port and the following output ports-USB port, 12v port, laptop port. It has a small display for battery charge remaining.

The Sherpa power pack can be charged by 3 ways-from the wall socket, from battery of a car in motion, or the Nomad 13 solar panel. For a full charging, it has to be charged for 2-3 hours from the wall or for 4-6 hours from car and about 5-10 hours from sun based on the solar radiation availability.

On a full charge, it can be used to run laptops for 1-3 hours or tablets for about 15 hours and it can be used as the wall plug also with the inverter provided. It is supplied in one size only. It is light weight and has a rugged design. It is easy to pack and carry.

Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit with Inverter review2


Weight: 0.35 lbs (159 g)

In the box:
1 x Sherpa Inverter (110V)

The inverter is very much similar looking to a normal wall-plug adapter.The Bolt-on inverter can convert a Sherpa 50 power pack into a wall plug by tethering it onto one of the provided ports in the powerpack. The devices can be charged directly using their respective adapter by using that port.

Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit with Inverter review3


The complete kit is only shipped within USA.

When the components of the kit are bought separately from Amazon, it would cost you totally around $370 against $321 price tag when bought as a kit.


  •  Lightweight, quality look and compact design.
  •  Provisions are there to switch off the 12V and laptop power outlet to restrict self discharge and save battery power.
  •  All the cables supplied are color coded and are shaped to fit in the appropriate sockets only.Management of the integrated cord system on the solar panel is easy.
  • Simultaneous use of 12V outlet and the laptop power outlet is possible.
  • Prompt customer service.


  •  For long battery life, good maintenance of it through full charge and discharge is needed.
  •  Mac laptops can not be powered using this kit.
  • The powerpack is not weather proof.


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