From concept to prototype-Carbon the solar wristwatch

From concept to prototype-Carbon the solar wristwatch

If you ever had forgotten to charge your smartphone in the night, then get up in the morning just to find that the device is no more than a flat tyre of a car, you would probably know the importance of charging a device.

Carbon is not an out of the world project which is going to take the world by storm. Carbon is reducing one step in the staircase towards reaching it.

Carbon by EnergyBionics is a Kickstarter project focussed on devising a sustainable way to power the mobile devices. aiming to crowdfund a total of $48,000 for it’s prototype. As of 6th of March it has seen a total amount of $8,149 funded by the backers. The kickstarter project will run from February, 2014 through March, 2014.

From concept to prototype-Carbon the solar wristwatch

How does it work?

The charger is designed like a simple wristwatch with two colors-slate and coal editions. The solar wristwatch would have solar cells occupying the dial space of a conventional watch. The solar cells would capture the light and store the energy in an in-built battery.

On the body of the watch there are two buttons which displays the charging status, battery charge level, a mini flashlight and a safety strobe. On the knobe of the watch is a openable screw capping which covers a 2.5 mm jack plug. The dedicated jack connector will be able to connect the watch with the devices for charging.

From concept to prototype-Carbon the solar wristwatch

What does it have for me?

Energybionics claim that Carbon will be able to add an extra talk time/web browsing time of 3 hours to your smartphone. The watch would take 6 hours in full sunlight to completely charge the 800 mAh Li-ion internal battery. It would take approx 30 min if directly charged using USB input.

The watch would be compatible with Apple,Windows, Android, Blackberry devices. It’s compatible with a variety of smart phones, cameras, and many other mobile devices that are charged by USB, the exact list of devices is yet to be compiled by the publisher.

The charger is claimed to be dust, water proof and is impact resistant. You would be able to charge your the watch through solar power as well as direct USB charging.

With the wearable self-charging technology lined up for the year, we would see a shift from ‘tablet wars’ to ‘wearable tech wars’. 

 The iwatch by the Apple Inc. is coming up sooner or later this year, which is rumoured to be able to charge itself by the motion of your hand while wearing it and through solar charging. We do have the Apple.Inc introducing solar technology for it’s devices. Do you think the wearable solar gadgets will outperform tablets this year? Comment below.

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