Energizer Solar Rechargeable 9-LED Lantern review

The Energizer Solar 9-LED lantern can be a portable area light or a comforting amber night light when the power goes out.

RATING : 4.7 / 5

PRICE : $ 24.49

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions,weight: 11.5 x 8 x 3.8 inches , 1.7 pounds.
Shipping Weight: 1.8 pounds

Dual power lantern

The lantern could function on solar energy or the three D cell batteries. It works in three modes such as fully opened and half opened bright white light source or as an amber night light source to suit our needs.

It delivers 66 lumens of light. 5 hours of solar charging help to deliver light for 2 ½ hours, while the D cell batteries enable an usable period of about 165 hours of bright light.

The dual charging mode and the LED lights can permit usage of this lantern for a long period. It can be charged even under low sunshine conditions. It serves as both regular lamp and emergency lamp.

Alternate power mode

It can also be charged by self-powered winding or car charging thus widening the scope of its use even during cloudy periods.


LEDs are shockproof and with intense output light. The service life of LEDs are high. The lantern helps in putting up ANSI standards for the lantern group of lights.

It is water resistant and has features for measuring the brightness of the output light, full light run time and the distance at which the light will fall on a visible object.

Energizer Solar Rechargeable 9-LED Lantern review


  • Has the solar battery and 3 nos. of D cell batteries which make it useful for all weather conditions.
  • The amorphous silicon cells work best under the low and high solar irradiance conditions.
  • The light output is high.
  • The five position switch on the energizer helps to select the best for the required lighting.
  • Has a sturdy body with good colour scheme for the product and it has a handle for carrying it to any place.
  • Water proof, shockproof.


  • Frequent opening and closing of the solar panels containing door of the energizer, might affect the compactness of the structure.
  • 2 1/2 hours of light time is less compared to other lanterns.


One of the best solar lanterns in the market. We recommend this lantern.

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