EasyAcc® 10000mAh Power Bank Portable External Battery Charger review

EasyAcc® 10000mAh Power Bank review

The EasyAcc 10,000mAh is just like any other power bank out there. But unlike many other chargers it packs a punch for it’s cheap price. You can use it while on a range of outdoor activities without worrying about the availability of plug points for charging your devices.

RATING: 4.6/ 5

PRICE: $ 29.77

In the Box

EasyAcc powerbank 10000mAh, 2 micro USB charging cables of 20 cm length and 60 cm length, user manual.


Easy Acc 10000mAh is compatible with iPhone 5, 5S, 4S, iPod, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note3, HTC One , Nexus 5, Nokia Lumia 925 1020, LG G2,Bluetooth Speaker, Google Glass, many smartphones and tablets (5V).

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 2.8 x 0.64 inches
Weight: 241 g
Colors: Orange, black-purple, white-green
Capacity: 10000mAh / 37 Wh


With the form-factor of a 1TB Seagate external hard disk only with a longer edge length, the EasyAcc is comfortable to hold in the hand. It’s compact, colourful(I love the white-green color option) and portable, easy to store and to carry in a pocket or bag.

The portable battery bank on one thick edge has 2 USB output ports-one with 1.5V, 2.1A and other with 2.5V, 1.5A. For the input you can find a micro-USB port.

If you want to charge the pack, just plug-in the micro-USB connector to the pack’s input micro-USB port and the connector’s USB pin to a computer USB port or any USB port for that matter. Even you can use a 5V~2A or a 5V~1A non-Apple adapter, to charge your battery. If you have the lightning cable/30-pin connector given with your Apple device, you would need to buy the adapter separately.


With the power lock technology the pack would have a shelf life time of about 6 months(on full charging) without the energy wastage caused due to self-discharge. Under conditions of non-usage for about 90 seconds, it automatically cuts off its energy output.

Also in case of overcurrent, short circuit, overcharge or over-discharge, the device cuts off its energy output automatically and gets into protection mode.

EasyAcc® 10000mAh Power Bank Portable External Battery Charger review

Battery Charging Time

The Lithium-ion 10,000mAh battery cell is quite enough to keep your smartphone off your house wall socket for a week, under normal usage. The battery would need 7-8 hours to fully charge the power bank if you use the 5V~2A adapter and if you use 5V~1A adapter it may need about 13 hours.

Device charging Time

With 10000mAh power capacity, it can charge the iPhone 5 fully for 5-6 times or it can charge Samsung Galaxy S4, S3 for about 2.5 – 3.5 times. The iPhone gets completely charged from 0-100% in around 2 hours.


  • Sleek device, portable and can fit it a small space of the bag or pocket.
  • Contrast colour combination makes the product attractive.
  • Charges the USB based phones and devices several times per charge
  • Long lasting power storage with power lock technology.
  • The battery pack is cheap.


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