Blinds controller powered by solar-a leap towards home automation

Home automation is nothing new. You can purchase a window blind controller which can be used to control the blinds by the bluetooth on your cellphone from any big retailer. But automation which can control the exact timing when the blinds has to open/close with the power of solar technology is something new and out of the ordinary.

Home automation blinds controller is a Kickstarter campaign by Ander Bella, aiming to reduce the cost of blinds automation by introducing solar concept. Andre, who specializes in electrical engineering and product development says,
"What I created is a different technology but the same concept at a lower cost"

The interesting story behind the new venture

I had an opportunity to have a personal online interview with Andre and he opened up to speak about his motivation behind the venture,

“The blinds controller is one of my personal products I created, the reason I created is because like in the first Ironman movie I found it fascinating how the windows open.

I was looking to have something like that so I went to the store to buy those blinds that would open automatically and I found out they cost 300USD and I couldn’t believe that something so simple can cost so much.

So I decided to build my own, after I created them and I was happy with the results, I found that the wires didn’t look nice, so I tried to figure out another solution to fix that, that’s when I decided to put the solar panel.

The solar panel is not only efficient, but it gives the controller a much cleaner design with less wires, the solar panel has a battery built-in, so even if there is no sun, the blinds controller can still open and close the blinds for a few days. The setting to open and close the blinds automatically can be set from your smart phone. This would be my first step in combining home automation with solar energy, if this works out I have big plans for the future.”

Home automation solar blinds controller

How does it work?

The blinds controller doesn’t need any introduction, it speaks for itself. It has an optional solar panel which needs to be attached to the blinds, facing outdoor. The solar panel will allow the controller to be powered to open/close the window blinds.

The motorize hook provides the rotation needed to open/close the blinds. It would replace your turning rod of the usual blind and convert it into smart blinds. All you have to do is remove the turning rod and install this controller.

The programming button will help the controller calculate the length of the blinds and remembers how many twists will open your blinds to your desired angle.BLINDS CONTROLLER POWERED BY SOLAR-A LEAP TOWARDS HOME AUTOMATION

The blinds can be programmed to open and close at a different times of the day, during the weekdays/weekends using the built-in timer control which is synchronized by an app. The specialized app will act as an interface to connect the smartphone with the blinds controller. The app is compatible with the iPhone, Android, and Windows Devices.

The app on installing in the smartphone, will communicate with the timer of the controller using bluetooth and now you can control the desired angle at which you wish the blinds to be open.

With the controller, you can control majority of twist blinds available in the market today. You can support the window blind controller in Kickstarter by chipping in some dollars, every dollar helps in bringing the product to the market.