Apple’s patent on solar powered macbook hit’s the bullseye

The trendsetter Apple has been eyeing on solving the “battery low problem” for it’s ‘i’ devices. Apple lately has been experimenting with particularly 2 types of charging-the induction charging and the solar charging.

Induction charging/wireless charging is not a new concept. Some of the devices in the market like LG-Spectrum 2 and Nokia Lumia 920 use induction charging.

Induction charging is method of charging in which, the device which possesses an in-built solenoid coil(helical coil ) is charged by an external coil which has current passing through it through the principle of induction. It is typically used in the transformers to step-down and step-up the voltage.

The problem with induction charging is that, it has a low efficiency of around 10% and in addition setting up the coils in the devices is costly. In my point of view, Apple is giving prime preference to solar charging for this reason or could be Apple.Inc wants to be unique from it’s competitors provided smartphone with an in-built P.V. is a very new concept.

On January 28th, 2014 an application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office to patent solar powered macbook was approved. The patent was originally filed on August 24, 2010 by Apple Inc.

The patent named as Electronic device display module is a 38 page long patent, the important aspect being that the macbook can have rear plate(the back part of the display screen) formed from glass, which covers the photovoltaic panels beneath it.

"The rear plate may be formed from laminated layers including a light guide layer".
"The rear plate may be formed from electrochromic glass and may cover photovoltaic cells and touch sensors".

Touch sensors?

Sounds like another Apple mystery-making the Apple lovers go crazy until the day of release, since 1976.

The patent allowed modifications of the new proposed features provided the modifications meet the scope and spirit of the invention.

On the other side of the mystery, we have the Apple smartwatch the “iwatch” which is predicted to be released this year.

According to the Times report, the iwatch is predicted to be flexible with a curved glass screen, which would wrap around your hand.

Some rumours which surface say that a transparent solar module would cover the display of the watch which would charge the device on exposure to the sun or the iwatch may use the wireless charging technology.

An anonymous source says iwatch would utilize motion charging technology, which is capable of charging a small portion of the iwatch’s battery with every swing of the hand.(I feel the efficiency of it would be low)

Coming back to our longtime friend, the new version of iPhone is predicted to have sapphire glass screen embedded with solar cells to improve the battery life says a report from Seeking Alpha.

Apple sure knows the way to use the current technology for iluminating it’s limelight.

As the solar charging becomes more prevalent in the market, no one knows what the future of smart devices would be like. Well my instinct says the development in the flexible P.V panels would be the next big thing, what is your’s? comment below.