Anker 14W Solar Panel

Anker 14W Solar Panel Foldable Dual-port Solar Charger review

The Anker 14w solar panel is a top notch solar panel. The solar array has excellent solar efficiency of 15-18% which makes it one of a kind for it’s cost. The panel is good for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. The array has it’s own cons too. Continue reading the review to find out.

RATING : 4.5/ 5

PRICE : $ 59.99

Compatible Devices

The Anker 14w panel can conveniently charge any 5V input USB devices such as smartphone, GPS unit, iPhone, iPad, tablets, kindle. Charges smartphones such as Galaxy S4 and kindle devices promisingly well.

In the Box

The package contains 14W foldable dual port solar charger and an instruction manual.

Product Specifications

Foldable solar array has been assembled with 4 mono crystalline solar cells of 15-18% conversion efficiency.  Its power rating is 14 watts. It has two USB charging ports.  The array is stated to provide an output of 5V/2A.

Anker® 14W Solar Panel Foldable Dual-port Solar Charger for 5V USB-charged Devices Including GPS Units, iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and Android Tablets


The panels of the array are hardened PET plastic faced and stitched into weather resistant polyester canvas for durability and long service life. Offers portability as the panels could be folded along the polymer edges adjoining the panels.

Also has eyeholes for fastening it to backpacks or spreading it on any suitable surface for full exposure to sunlight.


The charger charged  HTC One V with a 1,500 mAh battery from dead to 100% in around 4.5 hr. The charger is slow in charging compared to some of the solar chargers which can charge an iPhone completely in around 80 min.


The gear has 18 month warranty with customer support.

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  • High efficiency solar panels, which charges devices as quick as a wall socket under clear sky(above 600 W/m2 radiation).
  • Total of 4 panels give an edge over any of  the similar priced 3 panel kits.
  • Cheap, the panels with same wattage are sold at $ 120.
  • Capable of charging two USB devices at a time.
  • Prompt customer service/support.


  • Does not charge the devices under cloud shade.
  • USB charging wires, batteries are not included with the purchase.