7 facts about solar panel you never knew

Quite a lot of misleading facts about solar panels have been spreading rumors. Here are 7 facts about solar panel which you were mislead into thinking they were true.

1. Can solar panels work in the cloudy days?

Yes, solar panels will be able to produce electricity during cloudy days. The sun rays which hit the P.V are from direct sunlight as well as from the diffused sunlight-the solar rays will reach the solar panel after being reflected from the clouds. Hence the loss in energy is fairly low.

2. Should I pay taxes for the energy that I produce using panels?

No, solar energy is a non-taxable form of energy. In order to spread the popularity about solar harnessing, countries have come up with this initiative. By using solar energy you are making your home as well as your country self-sufficient.

3. The warranty for a solar panel is for 25 years. Does that mean that my panel will lose it’s inbuilt electrical circuitry?

No, not at all. In fact the warranty of 25 years is for the glass casing of the solar panels, which prevents the P.V from direct external contact. The casing becomes faded after years of continuous exposure to sun, hence reducing the solar panel efficiency. A solar panel in an ideal condition can last upto 50 years. Hence it is the package materials that restrict the service life to 25 years.

4. Like a battery can solar cell get exhausted?

No.  The battery is completely discharged when it reaches the stage of non-performance.  But solar cell is never exhausted.  Shine light on it and it gives out electron to constitute the current flow.

5. Does the power delivered by solar cell dependent on the load/appliance used ?

Solar cell is modeled as a current generator.  The power delivered by solar cell is not dependent on the load, but depends on intensity of solar radiation.  So maximize the sun light input to the solar panels and they would operate at optimum.

6. Solar energy is very expensive

The one of the most misleading fact-so did anyone tell you, you have to pay rent to the sun for using it’s energy? . With the improvement in the solar panel technology solar energy is and will be the cheapest source of energy for the future. The sun being the source of solar energy will not be extinguished unlike any non-renewable resource is available throughout the day. The other energy prices will go up, but never will that of sun’s.

7. Is solar panel worth the cost?

This question goes through every online solar forum I have been to. Solar panels are absolutely worth the investment. Research has shown that 9 out of 10 people who have a solar panel installed in their home recommend it to their friends and family. Having a look at you electricity bill go backwards is an amazing sight which is worth the shot.