5 Tips To Extend Your Phone Battery Life While Playing Pokemon Go!

You are walking your way through the grass in search of a pokemon. You find a CP 700 Scyther, that’s one powerful pokemon, challenge accepted. Let’s capture this Scyther.

You throw 10 great balls at the pokemon and no luck. You throw your 11th ball… the ball is shaking…shaking.. and bam!! your phone display fades away. I’ll tell you it’s no fun to stare at a battery-dead phone especially when you have used up 10 great balls for a failed attempt.

Here at 5 tips you can use to prolong your battery life and catch that scyther,

  1. Reduce your phone’s screen brightness. Screen display is the most battery draining application in the entire phone, especially when it comes to Pokemon Go.  Your phone can last an extra hour or two by just changing the brightness to medium to low brightness setting.
  2. Turn off your Wifi and Bluetooth if not in use. If you use a data pack and GPS for playing Pokemon Go, then turning off your Wifi can save you a good amount of battery, since frequent wifi scanning can reduce the battery charge. If you use wifi hotspots to use the app then turn of bluetooth for extending your battery.
  3. Close any other app running in the background. Background apps like cloud data-backup, App-updater can continuously drain the phone’s battery.
  4. Use your phone’s inbuilt power-saving modes. Most of the smartphones today have power-saving modes for extending the battery life by putting unessential system apps to sleep.
  5. Carry a solar charger. Power banks are great for extending battery life. A 5000mAh power bank can give you upto an extra 1.5 times your phones battery. But a portable 5000mAh solar charger can provide you with the same battery and an extra solar energy for emergencies.

The Sunferno solar charger is fast charging solar charger which can keep your phone charged up while you are outside hunting for Pokemon.

I was tired of running out of phone battery when I was outdoor. This is one of the most annoying problems which everyday electronics user face. So I wanted to build a charger which can quickly charge any device, withstand outdoor weather conditions and also trickle charge itself through solar for emergencies. The result was the inception of portable Sunferno 5000mAh solar charger. I think Pokemon Go players are going to love this charger
-Brian Robert, Founder-Sunferno

Sunferno power bank

1000’s of customers have already used the Sunferno charger and here’s what they say

“Ive tried it with my android and apple phones. With my iPad. A flashlight. Bluetooth headsets. The bluetooth keyboard for my iPad. THIS THING IS GREAT. It will charge anything and the two USB ports let you charge BOTH things.”Kevin
“Great solar charger! Been getting emails from the company to do a follow up on tips and wanting to know how I like it so far, well so far so good! It looks great it works great and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a solar powered battery pack”Ruben

We wanted to completely make your purchase risk-free, hence the charger comes with a 1 Year Ironclad Replacement Guarantee/ Money-back Guarantee and a friendly customer service. This means you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

For a limited time use the the coupon “54EINAMM” to get 20% off of the Sunferno 5000mAh Solar Charger , We’re sure you’ll love it

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